4) Who?

Mashed Library UK 2009 is a semi-unconference style event that will primarily be of interest to:

  • tech savvy librarians
  • techies/nerds/geekettes who are interested in libraries
  • student librarians

The delegate list for “Mash Oop North!” is now available.

The main sponsor of the event is Talis.

If the event is an utter failure, then these are the people to blame… 😉

Lisa Balman

Lisa is a Senior Assistant Librarian at Huddersfield.
[ links: flickr | twitter ]

Zoë Johnson

Zoë is a Senior Assistant Librarian at Huddersfield.
[ links: twitter ]

Iman Moradi

Iman is a technologist and lecturer at Huddersfield. He’s also the author of Glitch: Designing Imperfection.
[ links: web site | flickr | twitter ]

Dave Pattern

Dave is the Library Systems Manager at Huddersfield. He was reduced to the status of a bum working in a library after he failed to become a bass playing indie god superstar.
[ links: blog | flickr | twitter ]

Bryony Ramsden

Bryony has been loitering in the library at Huddersfield for about 8 years, and they still haven’t thrown her out.  When she isn’t stamping books, she reads, knits and sews and buys large quantities of related goods.
[ links: blog | flickr ]

Graham Stone

Graham is the Electronic Resources Manager and Repository Admin at Huddersfield.
[ links: ]

Tanya Williamson

Tanya is a Senior Assistant Librarian at Huddersfield. She  is a designer trapped in a librarian’s brain. The body is all librarian.
[ links: ]

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