Mash Oop North videos

I’ll update this post as/when we get new videos uploaded!

At the moment, the following videos from “Mash Oop North” are available on the Internet Archive…

As Vimeo only allows 500MB of uploads per week, it’ll take us a while to make them all available. For the moment, you can find the following on there…


The idea of videoing the opening sessions came quite late in the day, so we didn’t have time to test the cameras in advance or get everything mic’d up properly. We literally set them up, pointed them vaguely in the direction of the screen, pressed “record” and hoped the for best! 😀

The audio on some of the sessions was quite low, so I’ve done a bit of tweaking to try and boost the voice and remove background noise. For some sessions, the audio is still difficult to hear, but it’s better than it was!

The plasma screen we used for some of the sessions produced a really nasty strobing effect on video, so I’ve added a “motion blur” filter to those videos which takes the edge off the flashing.

As no-one was operating the camera, the video doesn’t track the speaker if they move around a lot.

~ by Dave Pattern on 23/July/2009.

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