Timetable of Lightning Talks

I’ll tidy up the descriptions once I’ve had a chance to chat with the speakers, but here’s the draft timetable for the “Mash Oop North” Lightning Talks…

1:30pm – Owen Stephens
online resource lists/integration of bib info into teaching material; possibly something on Interactive Fiction and my thoughts on the possibilities of using it for Information Literacy

1:40pm – Paul Stainthorp & Joss Winn
using Scriblio to create a semantic union catalogue

1:50pm – Richard Wallis
Talis Connected Commons

2:00pm – Sara Wingate Gray
how using web 2.0 tools enables libraries to connect to users in ways we’ve not imagined and how to operate a free worldwide travelling library via web 2.0 tools

2:10 pm – Tanya Williamson
Edward R. Tufte (“The da Vinci of Data”)

2:20pm – Paul Stainthorp
Ejournals and RSS – including using ticTOCs, and creating a rough-and-ready new e-journal titles RSS feed

2:30pm – Chris Langham
Drawbacks of using stock recommendations (i.e. borrowers who borrowed this item also borrowed these) in an academic library context

2:40pm – Matt Borg
IS Inside

2:50pm – Gaz Johnson
The role of weasel videos in information literacy

3:00pm – slot available!

3:10pm – slot available!

3:20pm – slot available!

~ by Dave Pattern on 6/July/2009.

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