The pizza order has been placed!

I think this is possibly the first time I’ve ever walked into a pizza takeaway and ordered 17 pizzas…

The order was based on votes from the delegates, so hopefully there’ll be something for everyone 🙂

3 x Margherita Raffaele [V]
1 x Bianco Salmon
1 x Italian Sausage Fiamma
2 x Carnevale
1 x The Works
1 x The Mexican
1 x Papa’s Pepperoni Plus
2 x Garden Special [V]
1 x Hawaiian Special
2 x Hot Pepper Passion [V]
1 x Papa’s Pepperoni
1 x Double Chicken & Mushroom


~ by Dave Pattern on 29/June/2009.

2 Responses to “The pizza order has been placed!”

  1. For any delegates interested in how we made the order…

    If you selected just one pizza choice, then that pizza got 1 point. If you selected 2, then each got 0.5 points. If you selected 8, then each got 0.125 points, etc.

    In total, 40 delegates voted for their pizza choices and we’d budgeted for 17 pizzas. So, the total score for each pizza was multiplied by 0.425 (17/40) and rounded up/down to the nearest whole number.

    For example, the “Carnevale” got a total score of 3.992. When mutiplied by 0.425 you get 1.7, so we’ve ordered 2 of them.

    All in all, it’s probably the most useful thing I’ve ever done with Excel 😀

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