Trains on the East Coast Line

On the National Express there’s a jolly hostess
Selling crisps and tea,
She’ll provide you with drinks and theatrical winks
For a sky-high fee.

      (“National Express” by The Divine Comedy)

National Express now operate the East Coast Line and they’ve got some offers on rail tickets that might be of use to delegates wanting to travel up the day before and stay overnight in Huddersfield…

One Way tickets for £9

If you travel off-peak (e.g. travel to Huddersfield on Monday afternoon and return home Tuesday afternoon or evening), then there seems to be plenty of £9 tickets which will get you to Leeds. From Leeds, a standard rail ticket to Huddersfield is £4.10.

Even with the accommodation cost, that should work out cheaper than travelling from London Kings Cross on the day of the event (standard Off-Peak return is £134 and an Anytime is £234). Plus, you’d need to be setting off from Kings Cross on the 6:35am train to get to Huddersfield before the start of the event. Plus, you’d miss out on the “pre-event socialising and networking opportunities” on Monday evening!

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10% discount on East Coast Line

If you can’t find a suitable £9 ticket, then booking through the National Express web site should give you a 10% discount on some trains. From memory, this discount is specific to bookings on their web site and isn’t available to other ticket sellers (e.g.

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~ by Dave Pattern on 6/May/2009.

2 Responses to “Trains on the East Coast Line”

  1. Hmm, when i tried i got down to £77…

    and that would mean getting in 10pm on Monday (i.e. missing the important ‘professional networking’ evening event), and getting in at 11:30pm at night on tues.

    Oh well


  2. I think the £9 tickets will just be from Kings Cross to Leeds. You’d need to add on about £8 for tickets from Leeds to Huddersfield, which would be about £26 from Kings Cross to Huddersfield and back again.

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