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We’re still finalising the speaker line up for the event, but the overall format of the day is pretty much set in stone now 🙂

09:00-10:00 : Registration and refreshments
10:00-10:15 : Welcome and introductions
10:15-11:45 : Workshop sessions
11:45-15:30 : Networking, brainstorming, developing, prototyping, etc
12:30-13:30 : Lunch
15:30-16:00 : “Show & tell” and prize giving
16:00-17:30 : More networking, brainstorming, developing, prototyping, etc

Also, from 12:00 onwards, we’ll be running the lightning talks.

We know some of you will need to catch trains, etc, so we’re not expecting everyone to stay for the final part of the day (16:00-17:30). For those of you who don’t have far to travel, we’re planning to go for a pint and/or food after the event and you’re more than welcome to join us.

Now for some more in-depth info…

Workshop sessions


Thanks to Iman, we’ve got the use of two large adjacent rooms in the new Creative Arts Building at Huddersfield — one is a large studio space and the other is a big PC/Mac lab. We’ll be using both rooms for the opening workshop sessions, so there’ll be parallel sessions running at the same time. Each session is planned to last about 30 minutes, so that means there’ll be six 30 minute sessions in total during the morning …but obviously you can only attend three of them as you won’t be able to be in two places at the same time!

So, don’t forget that golden unconference rule of “two feet” — if the session you’re in isn’t floating your boat, there’s nothing to stop you popping next door to the other session.

We’ve already got some great speakers lined up and they’ll be helping set the development agenda for the rest of the event. We’ll announce the remaining speakers in due course, but I’m proud to say the following luminaries have already had their arms twisted willingly agreed of their own free will to run opening sessions:

Between them, they’ll be talking about cool things like Yahoo Pipes, Project Juice and the Talis Platform. Other likely sessions might include hacking VLEs, data visualisation, getting funky with repositories, and playing with usage data.

The aims of the opening sessions are to introduce you to new technologies and tools, to explore useful data streams and web services, and to plant seeds for some of the ideas you’d like to explore and develop throughout the rest of the day.

Networking, brainstorming, developing, prototyping, etc


The largest chunk of the day is set aside for you and, following on from the opening sessions, we expect you all to be brimming with ideas and raring to go! You might want to explore some of the new technologies you’ve seen in the sessions, or you might want to tackle solving one of the “big problems” that we’ll be posing on the day.

We’ll provide an environment that will get your creative juices flowing and you’ll be encouraged to network with the other attendees, to brainstorm your ideas, and to develop them into working prototypes.

If you’re not a developer yourself, then we’ll endeavour to introduce you to someone who is and who’s also interested in the same things that you’re thinking about 🙂

Whilst you’re doing all that, you’ll also be able to attend any of the lightning talks that you think you might be interested in… in fact, we’re expecting that you might be giving one of those talks!

Throughout the day, there’ll be a group of us going around and blogging about whatever it is you’re doing. That will also give us the chance to point you in the direction of anyone else is working on a similar problem/idea/prototype.

Don’t forget that the opening session speakers will be there throughout the day and you’ll be able to tap into their expertise.

“Show & tell” and prize giving

Before we let you go, we want everyone to talk about their ideas and show off their prototypes. We’ll also have a few prizes on offer …although probably not, as Owen was suggesting, a speedboat!

So, have we tempted you?

Don’t forget, we’re aiming to launch the online registration around noon tomorrow (30/Apr/2009) and we hope to see you in sunny Huddersfield on July 7th!



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