Event Info :: Why come to Mashed Libary?

We know some of you will need to fill in staff development forms and/or need to justify attending the event, so (with a little help from Owen Stephens) we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should attend…

  1. Awareness of the latest developments in library technology
  2. Application of Web 2.0 technologies in a library context
  3. Community building and networking
  4. Learn new skills and develop existing ones

Mashed Library is an event that will attract developers and tech-savvy librarians from throughout the UK (and possibly further afield, if the 2008 event is anything to go by!). The opening sessions will be given by such luminaries as Tony Hirst, Mike Ellis and Richard Wallis.


Library unconferences and developer unconferences (such as Code4Lib and dev8D) have a proven track record of rapidly delivering new and innovative prototypes and services.

For librarians, the sessions at Mashed Library will show you how to perform complex manipulation of data (via RSS feeds, web services and APIs) without resorting to writing any programs or code. As libraries begin to increasingly expose their data to the wider world, and as more library products are delivered with functional APIs, these will become vital skills for librarians to acquire.

For developers, Mashed Library is an opportunity to network with fellow developers and to learn from experts from both within the library world and from wider afield. Many of the ideas and prototypes created at Mashed Library will be ideal candidates for funding proposals, such as the JISC Rapid Innovation Grants.


~ by Dave Pattern on 28/April/2009.

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